Laboratory of Sound & Video Technology (ArtsLab)



 The Laboratory for Sound and Video Technologies (ARTS- Lab) serves all teaching, artistic and performance needs of the Department of Music Science and Studies in the disciplines of:


  • Music acoustics
  • Electroacoustics
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Audio and video recording and editing
  • All subjects related to the above fields


In addition, within the framework of its disciplines, it also serves the general needs of the University of Macedonia. In accordance with the provisions of the Presidential Decree 159/1984, it also provides services related to its disciplines to bodies and individuals.


The Laboratory operates with the assistance of Professors and Lecturers as well as other employees of the Department of Music Science and Art and other Departments of the University of Macedonia. The Laboratory’s Teaching and Research Staff consists of Professors, Lecturers and members of Special Teaching Staff, whose scientific activity falls within the laboratory’s teaching, research and scientific interests. The staff is complemented by members of Laboratory Staff and Special Technical Laboratory Staff, as well as other scientific and administrative staff members.


ARTS- Lab Studio

 The Studio is a supervised unit of the Laboratory for Sound and Video Technologies (ARTS- Lab) and its responsibilities are to carry out all technical activities of the Laboratory. 

The studio undertakes the following tasks:  

  • Educational tasks
  • personal tasks of Department members
  • external tasks (work in collaboration with other Departments of the University of Macedonia)
  • Commercial tasks
  • social responsibility tasks

 In order to use or carry out any type of work  in the Studio, prior consultation is required with the Operations Coordinator, Mr. Fotis Sakalis (tel.:  2310-891552, email: as well as the completion of the relevant documents.

Workshops - Conferences

Useful Documents

Administrative Documents

Artistic Productions

ARTS- Lab having at its disposal a fully equipped Sound Recording and Processing Studio, has already fulfilled a range of artistic productions:

  • Event sound coverage by the Department of Music Science and Art

All events held by the Department of Music Science and Art are covered by the ARTS-Lab. Much of this material is available through the Digital Library - PSEPHEDA  of the University of Macedonia.

  • Integrated art productions

- Recordings 2004.Concert Excerpts of chamber music works by W.A.Mozart, Department of Music Science and Art. Laboratory for Music Technology, Thessaloniki, 2004.

- Student Concert at Franz Liszt School of Music, Weimar 25.05.2005, Department of Music Science and Art, Laboratory for Music Technology, and Hellenic Culture Organization, Thessaloniki, 2005.

- The Great Tsitsanis, songs of the pre-war era by Tsitsanis, Ensemble of Rebetiko, Specialization of Greek Traditional (folk) Music. Department of Music Science and Art. Laboratory for Music Technology and Moni Lazariston Festival, Thessaloniki, 2015

20- year anniversary of the Department of Music Science and Art.1998-2018, Commemorative Edition 2 CD,  Company the Development and Management of the Property of University of Macedonia Economics & Social Sciences and  the Department of Music Science and Art. Department of Music Science and Art. Laboratory for Sound and Video Technologies, Thessaloniki, 2017.

- I shall open my mouth ...:the Rule and psalms from the Service of the Akathist Hymn: live recording at the Church of St. Therapontas K. Toumpa of Thessaloniki, Department of Music Science and Art. Laboratory for Sound and Video Technologies, Thessaloniki, 2018.

Research Activity

In the context of its operation, the ARTS- Lab studies both the theoretical evolution of its fields of interest, as well as the practical implementation and development of methods, tools and prototypes.  Prior to the establishment of the Laboratory, the Studio functioned as an autonomous unit of the Department, incorporating all research and art activities of the fields currently covered by the Laboratory. Some of these research activities are presented below:      

2005 Zacharakis, Panagiotis.  Creating music technology training courses using new e-learning technologies

2006 Krallis, ApostolosStudy, implementation and evaluation of a microphone system for multi-channel music recording

2007 Charitos, Charalambos. Multi-channel recording techniques       

2008 Sapnara, Demitra. Accordion recording techniques              

2009 Anastasiou, Eleni. Acoustic treatment of music classrooms      

2010 Teterina, Katerina. Acoustic behaviour of the University of Macedonia ceremony hall     

2011 Diamantis, Christos. Classical Guitar: modes of construction and methods of stereo recording. 

2012 Papachristodoulou, Afroditi. Design and installation of 5.1 surround system in studio post recording.                  

2012 Liaba, Ageliki Creation of a pilot lesson in the architecture of music venues.  

2012 Sapouna, Vasiliki. Flute recording techniques.                      

2013 Terlidis, Panagiotis Music with Ableton live.                             

2013 Nikolaou, Michalis. Creating a home studio for music production            

2015 Kochlios, Giorgos. Concert audio amplification systems: historical evolution and study of a modern system.                                                                                                                      

2015 Sourlatzi, Christina.  Study of the acoustic of the teaching halls of the Department of Music Science and Art and its impact on the learning process.       

2016 Kontogiannopoulou, Vasiliki Audio mastering ... science and art       

2017 Papadopoulos, Georgios The artistic role of music producers in the process of professional recording                                                                                           

2017 Koukouliatas, Kleanthis. The evolution of analogue and digital technology in the profession of a musician                                                                                                                             

2017 Baglanis, Georgios Electronic Musical Instruments: an experimentation attempt        

2017 Kalliani, Chrysoula. Design and implementation of a dodecahedral omnidirectional ideal sound source for acoustic measurements                                                                                     

2017 Katsiou, Mirto. The Voice in Cartoon Movies: historical overview and recording techniques                  

2017 Gkigioto, Vasiliki. Sound and music as a torture instrument: a case study          

2017 Kouthouris, Nikolaos. Design and construction of an active portable audio system for musicians    

2018 Velkou, Maria-Erasmia. Stereo recording and processing techniques for symphony orchestra and string quartet                                                                                                  

2018 Metallidis, Theodoros.  Electronic Music Promotion: registration, distribution and dissemination of musical work   

2018 Radoglou Mela, Antonia.  Teaching music to children with cochlear implants: bibliographic study and suggestions                                                                                                    


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Laboratory for Sound and Video Technologies (ARTS- Lab)

 156 Egnatia str., 54636, Thessaloniki, Greece


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