Poetics Laboratory

The Laboratory for the Research and Development of Greek Music, Poetics and Dance Traditions (Laboratory of Poetics ) focuses on teaching, research, artistic and aesthetic needs in the disciplines- scientific fields of Greek Music Traditions as well as their corresponding fields. It gives particular emphasis on:


  • the applied research of Greek Music Traditions;
  • the poetic music creation and composition with a timeless perspective;
  • the poetic and spiritual standards of the Greek musical traditions;
  • the related act of improvisation, performance and execution, promotion and dissemination, education and teaching, direction and production, on every field of scientific and artistic activity which is consistent with mythic-historical, timeless and interregional settings; musical idioms and their interaction with the geology of the area, and musical structure; speech, language and interregional dialects; course, memory and philosophy; cultural and spiritual identity and coherence of Greek Musical, Poetic and Dance Traditions.

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