Master in Tourism Management


Subject-Purpose / Professional Skills:

The program aims to specialize graduates of the Universities and Technological Educational Institutions, so that they can contribute to the promotion of knowledge in the broader field of Tourism Management and the creation of executives capable of: (a) operating professionally in their field of business (such as hotels, travel agencies, and catering companies) or organizations (such as municipal and regional tourism agencies), (b) promote the development of research and its applications to act in their respective areas. The program also aims to train senior executives of tourism businesses in public and private sector to meet the needs of their specialized activities through a tailored business executives program. Finally, it aims to develop specialized executives capable of promoting the upgrade of the quality of services provided and of the overall internal operation of tourism businesses and organizations to help improve the organization's efficiency and effectiveness of the Tourism Sector in the country and its international environment in the tourism market.

Comparative advantages of the program:

* Internship at the time of thesis writing.
* Ability to co-ordinate and collaborate in the oversight of the thesis in collaboration with a business expert.
* Expected support from industry players.
* Modern and customized program to the standards of market needs for middle and senior executives.
* Academic staff with teaching and internationally recognized research and professional experience.
* Orientation to the needs of the modern graduate.

Eligibility Requirements:

Graduates of undergraduate departments of domestic and foreign recognized educational institutions of higher education, graduates of ATEI related disciplines as well as graduates of Higher Schools and Institutions if they submit their diplomas equivalent from DOATAP (formerly DIKATSA), at the latest until their enrollment in the program.


Program's Director 

Christos Vasileiadis


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