Master in Musical Arts

Master in Musical Arts

Aim of the Program

The aim of the Postgraduate Program "Musical Arts" is to ensure students' scientific competence and artistic integration, the specialization and fostering of high-level skills and knowledge in the disciplines of music art in subjects taught in the Department of Music Science and Art, the promotion of original research as well as of the richness of the Greek music creation.

Particularly, the aim of the program is to further educate specialized and well-trained musicians/artists, educators, researchers who will be active in the artistic, professional and research fields of artistic creation and practice, teaching and research and music education. Graduates of the Postgraduate Program possess the necessary high-level skills and knowledge in order to be able to respond effectively to a changing professional environment, pursue PhD studies and/or research activity in fields related to art and music science.


Scope of the program

The scope of the Postgraduate Program is the musical performance (vocal/instrumental), composition, conducting of musical ensembles, research and teaching methodology of European, Greek entekhno, folklore, early and modern music, as well as the study of the modal Mediterranean music traditions.



The Postgraduate Program in "Musical Arts" comprises three specializations and awards a corresponding Master’s Degree:


1. Didactics of Musical Instruments 


2. Early Music and modal musical traditions of the Mediterranean 


3. Music Performance / Music Creation”

     i. Performance

     ii. Chamber Music,

     iii. Orchestral Conducting,

     iv. Music Composition” 

The following graduates can be admitted: Graduates of Departments of Music Studies and other Departments of Greek and Foreign Universities as well as Graduates of Technological Educational Institutes (see more Call for Applications).

Selection procedure: Entrance examinations, details of which are set out in the current notice (see more Call for Applications).

Number of admitted students:  forty (40) per year maximum

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