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The Internship Program of the University of Macedonia was legislated in 1997 with the establishment of the Internship Office with the aim of consolidating and systematizing the necessary communication of the University with the labor market and social activity. The Internship Office undertakes the Institutional coordination and central support of the Act, which is currently being implemented in the framework of the Operational Program "Human Resource Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020", Priority Axis "Adaptation of Employees, Businesses and Business Environment to new development requirements "and is co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). During all these years of its operation, the Internship Office has evolved into a significant institution for both the academic and the business world. By giving interns the opportunity to better claim their place in the professional arena, and the business world to "invest" in highly trained human capital, a continuous channel of academic communication with the productive environment is built, promoting the use of knowledge, exploring new needs and monitoring new trends in the labor market. The Internship Office strives to continuously optimize the operating structures and procedures that follow, so that it responds effectively to contemporary requirements and the important mission it is required to accomplish. It is our firm belief that the process of acquiring knowledge and learning cannot and should not be limited and exhausted within the context of teaching and assessment. The purpose of University education should not only be to create competent executives, but to support the new generation to begin their career in these extremely difficult times.


Internship at the University of Macedonia, is an essential part of the educational process whose main objectives are:

  • To contribute to the connection of theoretical and laboratory studies with practical implementation in the workplace.
  • To inform students of the new trends and needs of the labor market and the demand for specific skills required.
  • To create a stable channel of communication between the University and business agents, in order to facilitate their cooperation and thus enhance the graduates’ efforts to find employment.


With the implementation of the Internship Program in the framework of the NSRF 2014-2020, the University of Macedonia proceeds with the extension, Institutional coverage and qualitative upgrading of the Internship as part of the curricula, with the following interventions and innovative actions:

  • Creation of a Scientific Coordinating Body, which will consist of the University Scientific Supervisor, as well as the Scientific Supervisor of each Department, who will formulate and approve the Annual Evaluation Report of the Scientific Supervisor of each Department. It will also coordinate all activities related to the University's Internship program.


Attracting more host Institutions for the Internship, whose work will be relevant to the studies of the students of the University of Macedonia.

Contribution to employability: The Internship Program facilitates access to the labor market and in many cases creates permanent jobs, leading to the recruitment of interns as permanent staff by employers after the completion of the Internship period.

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