Department of International & Public Relations

Department of International and Public Relations

The Department of International and Public Relations of the University of Macedonia aims to monitor, implement and address issues related to the University's relations on a public and an international level.

The Department is responsible for the:

  • Supervision, organization and implementation of ceremonies, celebrations, conferences, receptions and other events.
  • Coordination and organization of inaugurations of emeritus professors and awarding honorary doctorates.

Furthermore, it is responsible for:

  • Collecting, editing and writing the University's printed and electronic promotional material as well as its distribution to interested parties.
  • Translating, editing and writing foreign printed and electronic promotional material.
  • Keeping written and verbal correspondence, promoting and monitoring partnerships and various MOUs with public and private entities, private sector businesses at a local and national level.
  • Coordinating and monitoring formal visits by / to representatives of the city’s Authorities, representatives from other Universities and educational Institutes. The Department aims at maintain and strengthen public relationships in compliance with the official etiquette (sending greetings cards, commemorative gifts, albums, printed and electronic promotional material of the University).
  • Planning, organising, implementing and promoting events (ceremonies, ceremonial celebrations, awards, honorary doctorate ceremonies of the Departments), cultural and sports activities (exhibitions, joint promotional activities with partner bodies), volunteering and social actions (charities, public lectures, and promotional activities for the promotion of the University's Corporate Social Responsibility policy).
  • Coordinating, supervising and participating in educational, scientific and other exhibitions of academic interest.
  • Providing know-how, promotional material to academic and other staff of the University for the purpose of conducting and providing assistance to scientific conferences / workshops. Promoting and disseminating through- the University’s social media- informative/ promotional material for the actions / events of the entire University community.
  • Supervising and monitoring the University's electronic and social media networking tools. Writing, editing and posting announcements / related newsletters on social media.                Maintaining good relations and frequent communication with the general public (within and outside the University community) through the University's social media. 

In the context of International Relations, the Department is responsible for:

  • Supervising, implementing and monitoring inter-university agreements, collecting and distributing scientific exchange programs data.
  • Monitoring and reassuring the University's promotion abroad, in particular via the production of info material.
  • Promoting, implementing and monitoring MOUs with international universities and other educational institutions.
  • Participating in international academic fairs and exhibitions and promoting the University. Hosting of international guest academics at the University.

The Press Office is responsible for:

  • Writing, editing and promoting press releases and announcements via electronic and printed mass media channels with the purpose of promoting educational, scientific, research and other University related activities.
  • Regularly updating the University's website with announcements and issued press releases.
  • Coordinating, supervising and participating in the organization of press conferences.
  • Monitoring publications, broadcasts and University references which appear in the media, updating the Rectorate and providing relevant responses when needed.
  • Establishing and maintaining channels of communication for members of the University community with journalists and the media.
  • Keeping a photo archive and regularly update the University's Multimedia Repository.
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