The University gives particular emphasis on research which it is enhanced and promoted through all the University's available means. Close cooperation has been established with the industry and businesses of the private and public sector. For this reason, courses are often designed as part of either undergraduate or postgraduate study programs, with a view to meeting their specific needs, incorporating the latest developments in Greece and internationally, while members of the Research and Teaching Staff of the University’s Departments implement educational and research programs in collaboration with large businesses and organisations.

With the assistance of the 2nd Community Support Framework and, in particular, the Operational Program for Education and Initial Training, the general equipment of the University as well as the Departments' Study Programs have been restructured and modernized by enriching and introducing innovative forms of teaching, using modern teaching methods. The actions of the Operational Program for Education and Initial Training funded through the 2nd Community Support Framework at the University of Macedonia, are the following:

1. Modernization of Libraries;

2. Networking of Greek University Libraries;

3. Access Network and Backbone Network Services for Education;

4. Upgrading the Operation of the University’s Career Office;

5. Horizontal Networking of Career Offices of Greek Universities;

6. Modernization of the Study Programs;

7. Student Internship;

8. Mobility Programs;

9. Postgraduate studies;

10. E- learning;

11. Supplementary Education;


Within the framework of the University's efforts towards promoting research, the Research Institute of Applied Economics and Social Sciences was established, with the aim of studying and researching subjects related to the individual disciplines investigated by the Departments of the University.

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