Administrative Structure

The administrative bodies of the MSc. include:

a) Special Interdepartmental Committee (SIC): It is the body with the highest authority. It consists of seven (7) members as follows:

  • Three (3) members from the academic staff of the Department of International and European Studies,
  • Two (2) members from the academic staff of of the Department of Economic Studies,
  • Two (2) representatives from the students of the MSc.

The representatives of the Departments are elected by the Assemblies of the respective Departments for a two-year term, while the representatives of the students are elected by the students of the postgraduate programme, for an annual term.

It is preferable for the SIC faculty members to have a field of expertise relevant to the MSc contents.

The SIC members are elected at the end of the academic year during which the term of office of the members of the previous SIC expires. 

b) Director and Deputy Director: They are elected by the members of the SIC for a once renewable two-year term, among its members who hold the rank of Professor or Associate Professor and come from the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Macedonia. It is possible, to elect the Director from the SIC members who come from the Department of Economics, following a sufficiently justified decision of the SIC.

The election of the Director and the Deputy Director takes place during the first meeting of the newly elected SIC. The Director and the Deputy Director are not entitled to additional remuneration for their occupation as such.

The Director may obtain partial release from his regular teaching duties by seeking a relevant decision from the Assembly of the relevant Department, in order to exercise his administrative duties.

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