Admission Procedure for Postgraduate Students

1. Maximum number of students per cycle: Forty (40).

The SIC decides on the number of postgraduate students to be admitted to the MSc for the next academic year, per strand of study, as well as on the exact time of publication of the relevant notice of these positions for all interested candidates. The programme begins in the winter academic semester. 

2. Procedure for submitting applications 

At least two months before the start of the courses, a relevant notice for all interested candidates is published, specifying:

• The necessary qualifications of candidates for admission to the MSc.

• The deadline for submitting supporting documents.

• The process of the candidates’ evaluation and selection.

• The address for submitting supporting documents. 

The applications are submitted in special forms, available from the Secretariat of the MSc. After receiving all applications and the relevant supporting documents, the Secretariat forwards them to the SIC.  

The necessary supporting documents that the candidates must submit are:

• Printed application.

• Detailed CV.

• Official copy of first degree. If the degree has been obtained abroad, it must be accompanied by the deed of recognition by the proper authorities. The deed may be submitted by the time of formal acceptance to the MSc at the latest.

• Certified certificate of detailed transcript.

• Two letters of recommendation, preferably from Professors and/or University Lecturers (Forms of letters of recommendation may be provided by the Secretariat).

• Certificate of excellent knowledge of English. This knowledge will be certified in accordance with the provisions of Greek legislation.

• Certificate of good knowledge of an additional foreign language. This knowledge will be certified in accordance with the provisions of Greek legislation.

• Certified copy of police ID or passport.

• Scientific Publications, distinctions, other qualifications except the first degree (if any) 

3. Who May Apply

Graduates of Greek Universities, Graduates of foreign recognized Universities, Graduates of Armed Forces Higher Education Institutions.

Applications are also considered from students who will have successfully completed their undergraduate studies before the start of the second phase of the selection process of the MSc students, provided that they meet the conditions for admission to the programme. 

4. Process of selection

The SIC is responsible for the evaluation of the candidates and the selection of the MSc students. The relevant process entails three phases, as follows:

First phase:

It includes the evaluation of the candidate's supporting documentation, in terms of the qualifications contained in it. The weight given to the evaluated contents of the file is 80% and it is based on the following:

• General grade of first Bachelor: multiplied by a factor of four (4) with a maximum of thirty-two (32) points (degrees with a score of 8 and above receive a total of 32 points). 

• Grade in the courses that are relevant to the MSc: up to 14 points, which is calculated with two points per course.

• Existence of a second degree or postgraduate degree: ten (10) points.

• Research activity (including thesis if provided in the first cycle) which is evidenced by publications or certificates and certificates for participation in research programmes or participation in educational programmes of student mobility: up to ten (10) points.

• Possible related professional experience: up to ten (10) points, which is calculated with one point per year of experience. All candidates with relevant professional experience of ten years or more are graded with ten (10) points.

• Evaluation of letters of recommendation: up to four (4) points.  

Second phase:

It includes an interview by at least two members of the SIC. In order for a candidate’s participation in the second phase to be allowed, all required supporting documents (originals or their copies) must have been submitted. The coefficient of ranking attributed to the second phase is 20%.

Scheme of the first two phases of the Selection Process

Candidate File Evaluation

Selection Criteria



1st phase

Grade of first Degree


X (the degree) * 4 (degrees with a grade of 8 and more receive a total of 32 points)

Grade in the courses that are related to the Master


2 per Course

Second Bachelor or Master Degree



Research activity


Including thesis if provided in the Bachelor

Related Professional experience


1 point per year of experience (candidates with more than 10 years are graded with 10)

Letters of Recommendation



2nd phase



















After the end of the second phase, a ranking list of successful candidates is compiled. In case of a tie, all the tied candidates will be admitted. The lists of successful candidates are subject to the final approval of the SIC. 

Third phase:

 It includes the evaluation and approval of the ranking list of the candidates by the SIC.

In addition to the number of successful candidates, one (1) scholarship holder of the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.) who succeeded in the relevant competition after postgraduate studies in the field of the MSc and one (1) foreigner who is a scholarship holder from the Greek State are admitted to the programme. The SIC may increase the number of scholarship holders to be admitted.   

The successful candidates are notified by the Secretariat and are asked to respond within 5 days, whether or not they accept their membership in the MSc, accepting its operating provisions.

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