Evaluation of Postgraduate Students - Obtaining the MSc

1. The exams of the courses of each semester take place during the 15th and 16th week of the academic calendar. 

2. The evaluation of the postgraduate students for each course is done by the competent member of teaching staff, with a combination of assignments and/or progress examinations and a final examination. The combination selected is announced at the beginning of the lectures. The examination and grading of the students must be done by ensuring integrity, objectivity, transparency and consistency. 

3. The evaluation of the students' performance is done by using grades from 5 to 10 with the possibility of grading: 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, IN (Incomplete), and F (Failure, Repetition).

a) Grade IN (Incomplete) is given in case of a student not being able to fulfill any academic obligation with regard to the course (e.g. non-attendance or non-timely delivery of compulsory work for health reasons), due to a serious reason. The IN grade can be replaced with a grade of success if the student fulfills, within three weeks from the announcement of the grade for the winter semester, and within the month of September for the spring semester, all his pending obligations related to the course, as demonstrated in writing to the Secretariat by the competent member of teaching staff. If this does not happen within the above deadline, the student is obliged to repeat the course.

b) Grade F (Failure, Repetition) corresponds to a grade below five (5) or in case that the student does not participate, without justification, in the final examination of the course. The re-examination is set for the winter semester within three weeks from the announcement of the grade of all the courses of the semester and for the spring semester within the month of September. The results of the re-examinations must be sent to the Secretariat within one (1) week. As long as the grade in a specific course remains F after the re-examination, the postgraduate student is required to repeat the course by paying the relevant tuition fees again. In case of repetition of the course, the grade F of the first attempt is deleted and the student evaluation follows the rules formed by the competent member of teaching staff during the new teaching period. The student has the right to re-examination, but in case of new failure and after the re-examination is deleted from the programme by decision of the SIC, regardless of the number of failures in other courses. In exceptional cases, the SIC may allow for a preparation of an assignment on a topic to be suggested by the instructor of the course, instead of re-attending the course. 

2. In order to continue his/her studies in the second semester, a student must have passed at least three courses after the re-examinations of the first semester. In case a student fails to pass at least three courses after the first semester, he/she is excluded from the Programme. A student who considers that his/her grades in a specific course, after two consecutive failures, are not fair, has the right to ask to the SIC for their complaint to be reviewed by a three-member Committee consisting of faculty members of the same or a related subject, selected by the SIC specifically for each case. The three-member Committee examines the complaint and puts forward its recommendation to the SIC, which decides on the matter. The member of teaching staff against whom the complaint has been submitted, cannot be part of the Committee. 

3. In order to be allowed to proceed to the preparation of the dissertation, a student must have successfully passed all the courses required for one of the strands of the programme. 

4. The grade of the Master of Science is derived as follows:

Grade = Sum of 8 Courses (1st and 2nd Semester)/12 + 4 x Grade of Dissertation Diploma Thesis/12

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