Student Welfare Department

The Student Welfare Department ensures the students’ quality of life of throughout their studies.

It aims to provide quality services and proper information on student life issues related to boarding, housing, health care (European Insurance Card), housing allowance and in general everything that facilitates students in their daily life, taking into account the power of law of the state and the decisions of the University administration.

Office Hours:

MONDAY – FRIDAY: 9:00 – 15:00


Head of the Office:

Armoutsis Christos (tel: +30 2310 891.268)

Boarding, Health Care, Housing Allowance:
Varvati Artemis (tel.: +30 2310 891.319)
Dimitriadou Eirini (tel.: +30 2310 891.124)
Odontopoulou Athina (tel.: +30 2310 891.269)


Hall of Residence:
Anastasiadis Panagiotis (tel.: +30 2310 441.258)
Stavrakaki Sofia (tel.: +30 2310 449.447)
Kaltsatou Anna  tel.: +30 2310 441.292)


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