Student Email -

All students of the University of Macedonia (undergraduate, postgraduate students and PhD candidates) are provided with the transition of e-mail service to the free academic email platform

 During you first registration at the University of Macedonia, you received documents indicating a Username and a password  that apply throughout your studies for all other services (StudentsWeb, Library, CoMPUs Asynchronous Education, EUDOXOS, Academic ID etc.).

 With the new email service (Gmail) you will have an email account (with the format, plenty of message storage (25Gb) and the ability to use up-to-date services (via smartphones, tablets, etc.).

You will have the same Username, as mentioned above.

To receive a new password in order to access Gmail, you must visit by entering the credentials (username, password) you already have on (for example way, you will be notified of the new password that will allow you to sign in Gmail ( new password contains eight (8) characters and you can keep or print it and when you log in your new Gmail account, you may change it if you wish. Follow the instructions on this page which can also be accessed from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

 For problems/clarifications about your Gmail account, you can contact us at, while you can also explore on your own all free Google services (Calendar, GDrive, GoogleGroups, Contacts, etc.).

The registration process for first-year students is already active, and we invite you to complete it immediately. For the remaining students, the process is about to complete by the end of November.

Please, make sure that your emails are transferred to Gmail as soon as possible. Email access via will be valid until the end of 2020.


The competent committee