Directorate of Technical Works

The Directorate of Technical Works of the University of Macedonia was established in 1994 as a Technical Support Service. Today its structure and technology have been upgraded in order to meet the ongoing demands. The Directorate comprises a staff of 20 including Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Junior Engineers and specialized technicians.

The Directorate of Technical Works has the following responsibilities:

  • Programming of the University's technical works.
  • Drawing up the technical studies for the implementation of works.
  • Concern for the assignment of technical works and studies to third parties, control over their implementation.
  • Construction, supervision, approval of technical works.
  • Maintenance and repair of University facilities.


The Directorate of Technical Works has sufficient equipment for the organisation of conferences and events at the University Campus, as well as equipment for educational purposes:

  1. Provision  of services to students.
  • Borrowing audiovisual media for their events
  • Telephone network technical support
  • Provision of support for audiovisual lecturing in the Auditoriums and Classrooms
  • Lending equipment for various events (video, tv, cd player, cassette players etc.)
  • minor repairs of technical malfunctions.
  1. Provision of services to teaching and administrative staff.

Provision of assistance services

For your convenience, send an email to or call Ms. Foteini Karampataki at +30 2310 891.270

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