Budget and Accounting Department

The Budget and Accounting Department monitors the implementation of the Regular Budget and the Public Investment Programme and arranges revisions when required. It ensures the timely funding of the University by the State and certifies all kinds of revenue by issuing receipts.

• It recommends the approval of requested expenditures of the departments by the competent bodies and issues the commitment decisions and posts them to Diavgeia – the Transparency Portal.

• It collects the supporting documents of the expenditures and issues payment and prepayment orders. Then, after checking, it takes the necessary steps to reimburse beneficiaries as well as withholds the relevant deductions to submit to the competent insurance bodies.

• It maintains the Registry of Commitments and the Book of Approvals and Payment Orders.

• It prepares and sends monthly, quarterly and annual reports and statistics to the competent bodies.

• It prepares the annual report of the University and sends it to the competent bodies of the University for approval.