The University of Macedonia

The vision of the University of Macedonia is to provide excellent education, promote the advancement of science in the broader spectrum of economic and social sciences and arts, and in a broader view to advance education and culture by pursuing excellence in a socially sensitive and inclusive manner.

The Mission and Policy of the University is:

the advancement of education that young scientists receive through a constant improvement of the learning process by upgrading of the study programs, fostering of the idea of distinction and effectively connecting the University with society and economy. 

the pursuit of innovation and the enhancement of knowledge by professors, researchers and students within Departments and Laboratories keeping abreast of the developments of the 21st century in the field of research.

the encouragement and fostering of the ability and passion for progress and prosperity in every member of the academic community and the advancement of team-spirited cooperation inside and outside University.

the protection of every member of the academic community against any type of discrimination (racial, ethnic, origin, sex, religion etc.). The protection of all rights and obligations arising from the position of each individual in terms of use of services and facilities of the University, according to the policies of the institution, Greek legislation and European and international law.

The Strategic Objectives of the University of Macedonia emphasize on:

  • the provision of excellent education, the advancement of research and culture,
  • the promotion of any kind of cooperation that contributes to the accomplishment of

the mission and vision of the University with institutions and organizations showing notable excellence within their fields of study,

  • establishing itself as an attraction site for the best candidate students and the most distinguished professors,
  • the constant exploitation of new technology potentials for the advancement of conventional and the development of alternative teaching and learning methods,
  • the intensification of all members’ efforts for greater openness and international cooperation in studies and research,
  • the distinction of its students in international competitions and scientific events,
  • the recognition of its graduates on an academic and professional level within the country and abroad,
  • the international academic distinction and improvement of the University’s ranking position in the relevant international ranking lists and
  • the promotion, publicity and exploitation of the achievements and work performed within the University (academic, research, development, social, cultural) along with the relevant dissemination in the domestic and international academic community, industry, society and the state, with a view to promoting a policy of open access and highlighting the University’s important and multidimensional contribution.

(Decision of the Senate meeting Nr. 5/23.10.2018)

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