Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia aims at preparing skilled professionals for the recruitment of businesses of any type and size operating in the private or public sector within the Greek and European social and financial system at local, national or multinational level.

The accomplishment of the Department’s mission is founded on the principle of a complete, sophisticated and critical theoretical training required for competitive business executives.

In addition to a comprehensive contribution towards society, Research and Teaching Staff of all grades, as well as Special Teaching Staff, Laboratory Staff, Special Technical Laboratory Staff, PhD Candidates, and Administrative Staff of the Department of Business Administration also aim at:

  1. the provision of educational services of highest quality in order for a distinguished professional career of the graduates to be ensured both in the private and public sector
  2. the execution of frontier research projects that will lead to the accomplishment of business modernization efforts and thus the improvement of their quality and competitiveness
  3. the establishment of partnerships with national and international education and research institutions for achieving objectives of common interest. Additionally, through these processes the Department ensures the employment of its graduates in the private and public sector and acquires the appropriate information for adapting and enriching its study program so that it reflects and meets the real needs of businesses and public/ private organizations.

All members of the Department are actively involved in scientific research. A significant number of scientific articles by the Department’s Research and Teaching Staff have been published in many prestigious international scientific journals.

Moreover, an important number of scientific articles by the Department’s Research and Teaching Staff have been published in the proceedings of many Greek and international scientific conferences, in scientific journals of Greek and international universities and in honorary volumes published by Greek universities. 


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