Behavioral Engineering & Analytics for Marketing Management Laboratory - BEAMM



The Laboratory of “Behavioral Engineering & Analytics for Marketing Management” (BEAMM) is focused on research that generates and applies behavioral insights to deliver positive results for consumers and communities, primarily employing but not limited to the subjects of Marketing, Economics, and Behavioral Sciences.


Rationale and Scope

The foundations of marketing management are analytics, strategic planning, strategic implementation and evaluation and control. Pertaining to the analysis of the environment within which people and organizations are operating, the consequences of globalization are a key characteristic. As the economic environment is expanding to global and, inevitably becomes more complex and competitive, the analytics of marketing management and planning are becoming even more important parameters for the sustainability and growth of organizations. The study of human and organizational behavior is the systematic procedure of information collection and data analysis for certain markets, organizations, people or a group of involved parties and it is an integral part of the marketing management analytics and organizational strategy.

Behavioral Engineering enables a generation of relationships that simplify the realization of future predictions, and consequently, when relevant conditions can be altered and even controlled, allows "controlling" the future and therefore the more effective decision-making for marketing management. According to a more practical orientation, in the lab “we measure and improve the performance of organizations and marketing management through integrated analytics, actionable insights and expert advice achieving significant brand and marketplace advantages and producing incremental value for them”.

The research objective of the Behavioral Engineering & Analytics for Marketing Management (BEAMM) Lab is to understand and predict individuals' decisions and behavior as well as to foster behavior change. The goal through its research activity is to contribute and encourage individuals to make decisions to improve their living, to support the development of policies that favor the choice of these decisions, and thus to contribute to a better society by sustainable development.

Overall, the Laboratory contributes to:

  • explore the interdisciplinary field of research defined by synergies developed between marketing management and behavioral engineering.
  • carry out scientific work, primary research and applied studies bringing together faculty members and external collaborators.
  • support the research work of faculty members and University researchers
  • support and supervise postgraduate and undergraduate educational and research programs.
  • develop collaborations with local and international Institutes, Research Centers, academic institutions, scientific and other bodies with relevant and/or complementary scientific goals.
  • provide integrated services to private and public organizations in the form of specialized and high-quality project work, consulting, and research collaborations.
  • publish scientific articles, studies, books, etc.
  • organize or co-organize seminars, workshops, symposiums, and conferences.


LaboratoryCoordinator: Andreas Andronikids


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