quality, meritocracy, innovation

The University of Macedonia is a modern public Institute of Higher Education which stands out for the quality, freedom, democracy, meritocracy and personal development it offers to its students, faculty and administrative staff.


The University of Macedonia constitutes an internationally recognized knowledge hub with an uninterrupted contribution to the country’s scientific community as well as to the educational, cultural and economic life of Northern Greece.


With a view to the future, the University of Macedonia always rewards and gives prominence to excellence in all its areas of operation. It forms a modern research center and an even more powerful factor of intellectual and economic development for the country, constantly adapting to the demands of education and proudly fulfilling its role to the Society and Humanity.

The Rectorate

The University of Macedonia constitutes a vital and dynamic element of the contemporary academic and wider community. The Rectorate of the University of Macedonia responds with respect and solidarity, to the call of local authorities, supports local bodies and develops relationships with local and international scientific and professional interest groups.

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