UoM Alumni

UoM Alumni


Dear alumni,

Since its commencement as the “School of Higher Industrial Studies of Thessaloniki” (1957-58), the history of the University of Macedonia encompasses a number of academic, scientific and research achievements that make us proud of its progress and development.

We invite you to join and stay connected to the University’s large alumni network, so that we can all write the best part of our history the one recording the course and achievements of our alumni; please fill in or update your information in this form

Our Objectives:

  • To honour our earlier and most recent graduates alike;
  • To examine and highlight the career paths they followed;
  • To develop a strong network of professional and personal contacts;
  • To keep our relationship "alive" with seamless updates on training and collaboration prospects;

We are confident that your "stories" will serve as valuable examples which will inspire our young students to draw strength from your experiences in their pursuit of a well-deserving future career.

With this letter, I welcome you to our extended alumni team that of the University of Macedonia and personally  thank each and every one of you for your willingness to share with us elements of your career.


The Rector
Professor Stylianos D. Katranidis