Career Office

The Career Office (CO) has been operating since 1994, focusing on immediate, accurate and effective services to students and new graduates of the University of Macedonia, assisting those who receive its services to manage their knowledge, experience and skills, in order to achieve personal and professional development.

The Career Office offers the following services:

  • individual Study and career-related consultancy services.
  • organizing  events providing information and networking with the labour market.
  • implementing group counseling and workshops for the development of social skills and the enhancement of the professional readiness of students and graduates of the University.
  • posting announcements related to the academic and professional choices of its beneficiaries (postgraduate programs, scholarships, competitions, job openings, job opportunities etc.)
  • Continuous communication and investigation of prospects of graduates of the University of Macedonia to cooperate, with scientific, academic and professional bodies, in Greek and foreign companies.
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