School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts


Athanasios Zervas, Professor, Department of Music Science and Art

   The School of Social Science, Humanities and Arts of the University of Macedonia consists of the Department of International and European Studies, the Department of Educational and Social Policy, and the Department of Music Science and Art. All three Departments of our School are at the forefront of systematic research and application and the dissemination of knowledge, while, after evaluation, they are placed among the leading Departments in Greece and internationally. Our School offers studies at the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels. The faculty members are distinguished for their high expertise and the readability of their work internationally. Our graduates are absorbed in their entirety by institutions and agencies due to their high level of professionalism, cultivation and hard work.  Furthermore, our School is characterized by the productive interaction with academic and research institutions inside and outside Greece, and has as a strategic choice the extroversion and the further development of interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations for the advancement of science and arts. Our School is housed in the building of the University of Macedonia, located in the center of the historic and beautiful city of Thessaloniki, while our students, during their residency, have the opportunity to experience the high cultural level of the surrounding area.

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