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The Department of Music Science and Art was founded in 1996 (Presidential Decree363/96) and accepted its first students in September 1998.The department aims at providing high level training of professional musicians in response to the call for the merging of different fields of music theory and practice. In this context, the Department offers applied music studies in to the following specializations:

1. Specialization in European (Classical) Music

2. Specialization in Byzantine Music
3. Specialization in Greek Traditional (Folk) Music

4. Specialization in Contemporary Music

The Department of Music Science and Art has the mission to foster and promote the art of music (as a relevant science) in the fields of applied art studies and particularly in the specializations designated by its founding decree. The study of music as both science and art is achieved at an interdisciplinary level, in light of cultural, economic and technological conditions governing the modern globalised society. The Department’s mission is to provide its students with complete music, artistic and theoretical training and thus contribute to their professional accreditation and integration in society. It provides a holistic approach to music facilitated by the promotion of art subjects as specializations, through the development of technical and interpretational aspects of instrumental/vocal performance,  ensemble conducting,, composition and melos, as defined in the topics of Composition and Poetics, in combination with theoretical study and research in the relevant specializations., facilitates and consequently supports our graduates succeeding in any relevant activity in Greece or abroad.

The Department of Music Science and Art is a member of the “Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen (AEC)”.

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