Directorate of Academic Affairs

The Directorate of Academic Affairs is responsible for liaising between the administrative and academic areas of the University and for supporting academic units (Schools, Departments) in academic and administrative matters. It supports the educational work (undergraduate and postgraduate studies) of the departments by coordinating topics of common interest and is the University's executive body for study matters. It is the reference point for external parties that contact the University for matters of study, processing of student enrollment decisions, provision of student and curriculum-related statistics, etc.

The Directorate of Academic Affairs is responsible for the planning of activities, eg. the recruitment of contractual teaching staff, and the coordination of the Departments that make up it in order to carry out their work more effectively and efficiently.

It is composed by the following Offices:

a) Office of Studies

b) Welfare Office

c) Office of Academic Development and Postgraduate Studies

d) Secretariats of the Departments (one for each Department)

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