HURMIS Student Complaint Form

Student Complaints and Objections Management Mechanism

The Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Migration Studies, with the aim of systematically improving the quality of the educational and administrative services provided to the active students of the Institution, decided the establishment of a Student Complaints and Objections Management Committee, following the Student Complaints and Objections Management Mechanism of the University of Macedonia.

The complaints of the students most often have to do with the conduct of the exams, the grading of the papers, absences, the way some lectures are conducted, etc. In general, the main topics are the following:

- teaching

- research

- privacy

- work behavior

- equality and anti-discrimination

- combating harassment and sexual harassment

- study support services (student care, library, technical service, etc.).

In particular, in order to improve the operation of the MA in the context of the student-centered approach, the process of managing the complaints and objections of the post-graduate students of the MA is put into operation, so as to ensure the quality of the educational and administrative services provided. The Programme of Studies Committee (P.S.C.) decides on the formation of the Complaints Management Committee, which consists of two members of the P.S.C. and the Director of the MA and has a two-year term. The Committee accepts the complaints and objections of postgraduate students and is committed to following the applicable personal data protection policy. The Committee decides definitively and irrevocably on each issue, but if it deems appropriate, it can refer the issue to the P.S.C.

The steps of the management process are as follows:

1. Formulation of a complaint or objection (protest). The student clearly and objectively fills in the Complaint Submission Form and sends it to the Complaints Management Committee. Alternatively, he may request an oral hearing from a member of the Commission by sending a relevant request. Both the completion of the Grievance Form and the request for an oral hearing must comply with the rules of academic conduct in order to be accepted.

2. Grievance review. The Committee meets at regular intervals to decide on the complaints made. If the complaint is not valid then it does not take action and informs the complainant accordingly. If the complaint is valid then it will activate the complaint review process. The Committee may request a hearing from complainants if it deems it appropriate in order to manage complaints promptly, fairly and efficiently.

3. Making a decision. The Commission decides within a reasonable period of time, which does not exceed 1 month. The Commission's decision is final and there is no possibility of appeal or review of the complaint.

4. Notification of of the decision to the complainant. The Commission responds in writing or orally to the complainant (depending on how the complaint or objection was submitted). The information concerns the Commission's actions as well as its decisions for the management of the complaint or objection.

It is pointed out that: for matters of a purely academic nature, students can contact their Academic Advisor. For issues that require mediation between students and professors or administrative services of the Foundation, the observance of legality in the context of academic freedom, the treatment of maladministration and the safeguarding of the proper functioning of the Foundation, students can contact the Student Advocate of the Foundation . For violations of ethics and study quality rules, students can address the Institution's Ethics Committee. For issues related to gender discrimination, students can contact the Gender Equality Committee. For issues related to the protection of personal data, students can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

HURMIS Complaints Management Committee 2023-2025

The current HURMIS Complaints Management Committee for the academic term 2023-2025 consists of the following members:

Karvounarakis Theodosios Karvounarakis Theodosios  +30 2310 891.497  theokar @
Anagnostopoulou Despoina  Anagnostopoulou Despoina  +30 2310 891.442 danag @
Sideri Eleni Sideri Eleni +30 2310 891.439 elasideri @

Student Complaint Form

The complaint submission form provides for the formulation of the views, complaints, observations and comments of the students of the Master's Programme for the continuous and systematic improvement of the quality of the educational services provided and the service of those dealing with the Programme. The complaint submission form is available below.

|Student Complaint Form|

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