MSc in Applied Accounting and Auditing

The purpose of the Programme is to offer specialization to young graduates to contribute to the promotion of the disciplinary fields of Accounting, Applied Accounting and Auditing by creating executives capable of:

(a) following a career in public and/or private sector as certified auditors - accountants, internal auditors, tax accountants, business consultants or senior management in the public or private sector
(b) to promote the development of research and applications in the disciplines of accounting and auditing.

It also aims to offer training to senior executives of companies and organizations in the private and public sector in order to meet the needs of their specialized activities.

The coherent background of the two pathways of the MSc in "Applied Accounting and Auditing" is the combination of theoretical knowledge, for the understanding of the institution’s operation, with practical training in subjects of accounting and financial science related to the private and public sector.

The MSc in "Applied Accounting and Auditing" leads to the award of a MSc in "Applied Accounting and Auditing" in the following pathways:
(a) Applied Accounting and Auditing and
(b) Applied Accounting and Public Sector Auditing

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