Procurement Department

The Procurement Department of the University of Macedonia, in collaboration with other organizational units and the Legal Service of the University, under the monitoring of the competent Directorate, serves the needs of the daily life of the University with the utmost transparency and efficiency:

It takes care of planning, concluding and executing public procurement of supplies / services (inter alia, contracts for Boarding, Cleaning, Security, disinfection and disinsectisation, supplies for printers, stationery, cleaning supplies, items for repairs, furniture, lift maintenance, fire extinguishing systems, air conditioners, photocopy machines, books, magazines, online subscriptions, databases).

Shall ensure the lease of the University premises (the Print Shop, the Canteen, the Bookstore) through tenders.

Its institutional responsibilities also include the effective management of the University's movable property, as well as the registration and utilization of its real estate.

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