Graduate Placement Examinations

  • What is the total number of students admitted through graduate placement exams and which graduates are eligible to participate in the examination?
  • When must the required documents be submitted?
  • Selection of graduates
  • How can I get the application for graduate placement examinations and which supporting documents are required?

According to the provisions of Law No. 4186 (Government Gazette A’193/17-9-2013) and the No. F1/192329/B3/16-12-2013 “the placement percentage of graduates of Universities, Technological Educational Institutes or equivalent foreign institutions,graduates of the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, as well as holders of higher school diplomas of two-year and more-than-two-yearstudies operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs and other Ministries, is setat 12% “of the number of the students admitted every year in each Department of the University”. Excess of this placement percentage is not permitted.


Applications and required documents must be submitted 1-15 November of each academic year.


Applications and supporting documentsmust be submitted to the Secretariat of the Department (Monday to Friday 11.30-13.00).



According to provisions of Law No. 4186 “selection of candidates for graduate placement is exclusively carried outthrough placement examinations in three (3) courses consisting of open-ended questions. The candidates’ order of merit is specified by the sum of gradesin all examined courses.This order includes those who have achieved a total grade of at least thirty (30) points provided that they have achieved at least ten (10) points in each of the three (3) courses. Candidates are placed in descending order of merit until the setpercentage is met. If there are more candidates with the same total grade, in order to avoid exceeding the number of admitted students, holding a degree from a Department offering similar courses- as specified by the corresponding study programs to the Department they are placedis taken into consideration. If the number of related courses isalso the same among equivalent candidates, then a draw shall be organized among them.Candidates with an equal score to the last successful candidate are considered supernumerary and are not accepted for admission in the Department.

1. You can get the application at the Secretariat of the Department or by clicking here.

2. Both sides copy of Identity Card.

3.Copy of degree certificate orcertificate of completion of studies. For graduates of foreign institutions, the submission of the attestation of equivalence by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center (Hellenic NARIC) shall be also submitted.

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