Master of Science in Special Education and Rehabilitation

    Master of Science in Special Education and Rehabilitation

    The program aims to investigate, develop, adapt, and disseminate contemporary approaches to Special Education and Rehabilitation for specific groups within the population of individuals with disabilities and/or special educational needs, specifically those with: (a) Mild Educational Needs, (b) Visual Impairment, (c) Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The particular objectives of the program are as follows:

    (a) The acquisition by students of a modern way of thinking regarding the educational support of students with non-traditional learning and adaptation methods, through the utilization of research-based knowledge and skills.
    (b) The systematic familiarization of students with the modern trends in special education and rehabilitation of individuals belonging to the three aforementioned categories of special educational needs/disabilities.
    (c) The training of students on critical issues of educational and social inclusion, differentiated teaching, and the transition of individuals with disabilities into adult life (vocational integration and rehabilitation, independent living, etc.).
    (d) The informed update of students on modern ways to solve specialized practical problems of special education units.
    (e) The development by students of abilities and skills to implement research plans and programs, through which the production of new knowledge in the fields of Special Education, Education, and Rehabilitation can decisively be promoted.

    The goals of the program are achieved through individual courses, within which Practical Training and the Postgraduate Diploma Thesis play a significant and central role.

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