Fees - Scholarships

The Postgraduate Program in "Music Arts" operates with tuition fees. 


The total tuition fee for each postgraduate student is EUR 4,000.


Payment is made in four equal instalments to the Special Account for Research Funds of the Research Committee of the University of Macedonia: the first instalment shall be deposited before the initial registration in the Postgraduate Program, and the following before the beginning of the semesters.



Postgraduate students are exempted from tuition fees when they meet the income criteria set by law, provided they have not been granted equivalent exemption for their participation in another Postgraduate Program.  
Exempted students of this category shall not exceed a proportion of thirty percent (30%) on the total number of admitted students.
In case that beneficiaries exceed the percentage, they shall be selected in a priority ranking starting from those with the lowest income. The application for tuition fee exception is submitted by the person concerned to the secretariat of the Postgraduate Program after completion of the selection process.