We welcome you to the Interdepartmental Program for Master in Business Administration (MBA) of the University of Macedonia. The MBA Program for New Graduates of the University of Macedonia has been operating since the academic year 1994-1995, while the corresponding MBA Program for Business Executives (Executive MBA), operates from the academic year1999-2000.

Purpose of the MBA Program is the provision of postgraduate level specialized knowledge to graduates of all departments of higher education in the subject of Business Administration so that they can contribute to the promotion of knowledge in the subject of modern scientific management, to the preparation of executives capable of promoting the development of Greek private enterprises and organizations and the public administration. The program is constantly evolving and enriched, so that it is fully up-to-date and combines at the teaching level the new scientific theories and practices, as well as the new trends and needs of the economy, especially the Greek one.

The MBA Program implements two individual Study Programs with similar content but different audiences. One Program, which starts in the winter semester, is aimed at new graduates who have little or no work experience and wish to compete dynamically for jobs in companies and organizations. The second Program, which starts in the spring semester, is aimed at people with work experience, business executives, private or public sector, who have at least 25 months of experience and want to upgrade their knowledge, strengthen their job position or move to some other position in the same or another company. Regardless of the Study Program, the MBA enables Greek companies and organizations to acquire administrative staff of a high scientific field.

This study guide is an important useful tool of the Program since it contains basic instructions and operational information to facilitate the daily life of our students. It also contains links to University regulations and services. We hope it will be useful during your studies and any comments or suggestions for its improvement are welcome.

Andreas Georgiou, Professor
Director of the MBA Program

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