Greetings from the Dean of the School

Dear students and visitors of the Department’s website,


The Department of Applied Informatics of the University of Macedonia stands out for providing knowledge and performing high-quality research in the fields of Computer Science and Technology, and Information Systems. The distinct characteristic of the Department is the adjustment of the Program of Studies to the continuously evolving market needs in Informatics, as well as the emphasis on the study and development of systems for applications in Economics, Finance, and Administration. The subject and the quality of studies contribute to the rapid integration of graduates in the market of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), their successful professional development in the private and the public sector, and the admission to prestigious Universities abroad and in Greece for postgraduate studies.

The Department is manned with well-qualified and seasoned faculty members and is backed by modern IT infrastructure ensuring to students the environment for obtaining theoretical knowledge and professional skills. Faculty members, beyond teaching and students’ supervision, conduct research activities on various subfields of Applied Informatics participating in national and international research programs, in collaboration with international research groups. Furthermore, the Department is supported by well-trained administrative staff overlooking and improving the conditions of everyday students’ life. The Department of Applied Informatics, an integral part of the University of Macedonia, enjoys the provision of high-quality infrastructure to all students, such as the exemplary Library and Info Center, the Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities, the Students Support & Consulting Center, the Sports Center, etc.

The teaching and administrative staff of the Department is at your disposal to help you with any kind of problem and is open to suggestions for improvement. Hoping that the program of studies and the departmental services will meet your expectations, I wish you productive and pleasant studies in the Department of Applied Informatics.


The Dean of the School of Information Sciences

and Head of the Department of Applied Informatics


Alexander Chatzigeorgiou


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