Application Process

Thank you for applying for the BSc in Accounting and Finance of the University of Macedonia. In this section you will find step-by-step instructions for the application process along with the necessary documentation to submit.

  • Step 1: Gather Necessary Documentation
  • Step 2: Apply
  • Step 3: Consideration of your application
  • Step 4: Accept the offer
  • Step 5: Make necessary arrangements
  • Summary of Steps

Before starting your online application, you will need to gather the following documents.

  • An up to date CV

  • ID (EU citizens only) or Passport

  • Officially translated birth certificate (English)

  • Apostilled and officially translated transcript (English) of your final two years of high school

  • Apostilled and officially translated transcripts in case you have obtained other academic titles.

  • Two references (e.g. from your high school tutors)

  • Proof of knowledge of the English language

  • Signed declarations

  • Official proof of parental or other legal guardian consent if you’re under 18

The online application form provides further details on the documents required. Please note that gathering the necessary documentation and preparing your application may take a while. So make sure you start working your application well in advance of the deadline.

The application for the BSc in Accounting and Finance is solely electronic, by clicking here: APPLY.

If the link does not work on your computer, please copy and paste the following link on your browser. Please try different browsers in case it does not work on a specific one.

The application deadline is the 15th of February 2024.

  • Fill in the necessary information and upload all documents in the required form.

  • Make sure that translations are delivered by certified translators. Certified translators are usually listed in official government portals. For example, for Greece a relevant list can be found here.

  • Ensure that where the application specifies, you notarize your documents (i.e. they are apostilled).

  • If you apply later than the deadline, your application will be considered in mid-June if there are still vacancies. Priority will be given to those who observe the initial deadline.

  • If you apply earlier than the deadline, you will receive a decision letter well before that date. So make sure that you apply the soonest possible to secure a place in the programme.

Applications will be considered on a “first-come, first-served” basis and the earlier you apply, the sooner you will hear from us and secure a place in our programme. Please note that incomplete applications will NOT be considered and will be rejected.

After successfully submitting your application, the evaluation committee will consider your application in reasonable time. If you are shortlisted, you will receive an invitation for an electronic interview. Interviews will be in English.

After the interview the evaluation committee will confer and will notify you with one of the following three decision letters:

  • Unconditional acceptance: the committee is convinced that you meet all the requirements and you have secured a place in the programme, irrespective of further grades you may be awaiting to be issued.

  • Conditional acceptance: the committee believes that you are on a good trajectory to meet the requirements, but they want to see additional evidence. The additional requirements will be described in the letter and once you meet them, your conditional offer will become unconditional.

  • Reserve list: your application meets the standards but it fell short due to high competition in the application process. You will enter a reserve list and if a spot becomes available you will be notified.

  • Non-acceptance: this can occur for a number of reasons including (i) there are omissions in your application, (ii) your application does not meet certain standards, or (iii)

If you are successful in your application, you will be asked fill in and sign a registration form and pay an enrolment fee. The registration fee is non-refundable in case you fail to attend (unless there are proven extenuating circumstance) but will be deduced from your first tuition fee instalment. The following fees apply:

Early-Bird Registration Fee: 500 Euros if you register by the 15th of June.
Regular Registration Fee: 1000 Euros if you pay register the 15th of June.

Once your payment is successfully received, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance which officially and irrevocably secures a position for you at the BSc in Accounting and Finance.

You are at the final stage of the process and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Thessaloniki. Make sure you take care of the following:

  • If you need a Student Visa to study in Greece, at this point you should be able to attach the Letter of Acceptance to your application.

  • Check you have the necessary health insurance, if you are an international student, or have issued a European Health Insurance card, if you are an EU student.

  • You should also make travel and accommodation arrangements. Note that airline tickets and hotels can be pricey during September, so make sure you book in advance to avoid unnecessary costs.

The Ministry of Education has set up the “Study in Greece” portal, offering ample support and advice on these issues.

  1. Gather all necessary documents.

  2. Apply by the 15th of February 2024. You may apply earlier but your place cannot be secured.

  3. Expect a decision letter.

  4. If shortlisted, attend an online interview.

  5. Become accepted and register.

    • If accepted unconditionally, sign the registration form and pay the instalment.
    • If accepted conditionally, make sure that you meet the conditional terms at the earliest opportunity and inform the department to proceed with registration and payment.
  6. Receive a letter of acceptance.

  7. Apply for a Student Visa if you need one to study in Greece.

  8. Make travel & accommodation arrangements and ensure you have the necessary insurance coverage. Don’ forget to visit Study in Greece.

  9. Start your exciting journey in October 2024.

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