Student Mobility

General Info

Students of the BSc will have the opportunity, if all legal requirements are met as per the Greek Law, to attend and successfully be assessed in modules of a foreign university (host institution), under the framework of mutual university agreements or exchange programmes, such as the Erasmus Plus programme. Students will be credited with the ECTS units of the module they were assessed in the host institution. Students will need to ensure that the module at the host institution has at least as many ECTS units as the respective one at the home institution. If the module at the host institution awards more ECTS credits than the respective module at the home institution, additional credits shall be indicated in the notes to the Diploma Supplement.


Erasmus+ Programme

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The Undergraduate Study Program actively participates in the Erasmus+ program which concerns the organized academic exchanges of students for recognized study periods through the Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

In this context, the students of the program can carry out a part of their studies in cooperating European Universities.

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All the students of the department are given the possibility through ERASMUS+ program:

  • to take part of your studies abroad for 3 to 12 months,
  • to receive a scholarship,
  • to recognize your studies abroad,
  • to meet another country, a new culture, to make new friends

Erasmus+ website

For more information, the students can meet and talk to the Administrative and Academic Head of the department, willingly to inform you and solve your possible questions.

Administrative coordinator:
Mr. Karatzidis Stratos

Academic coordinator:
Mr. Tachinakis Panayiotis, Professor

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