Student support and counseling

  1. The Department of Accounting and Finance implements the statute of Tutor, assigning to each faculty member a specific number of undergraduate students. The advisor monitors, guides and advises the student on each of his/her educational problems. Also, Tutors undertake the role to promote the Study Guide as well as any other relevant information to all new students as well as to promote the curriculum to students at high-school level.
  2. To inform students about the study system established by the undergraduate program of the Department of Accounting and Finance, its basic principles, content and importance of compulsory courses, elective courses of the individual categories, the knowledge examination system established by law, as well as for their guidance in all matters of their undergraduate studies, the faculty members of the Department and the scientific staff are obliged to offer office hours to the students and their elective representatives on specific days, hours and place during the week.

Students of the Department can also seek support for personal issues, in addition to studies, at the Student Counseling and Support Center of the University of Macedonia
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