Work Placement

Students will have the opportunity to carry out a Work Placement in the public or private sector in Greece or abroad, according to the Regulations of the University of Macedonia and the current legal framework, provided that all legal requirements are met as per the Greek Legislation. Specifically, during the fourth year of studies or earlier, students will have the opportunity to do an internship of a predetermined duration at an institution or company of their choice. Students after submitting their internship application will need to liaise with the University's Internship Office, if they want to conduct their internship in Greece, or the Erasmus+ Office, if they want to carry out their internship abroad. Special care is taken to accommodate for students with disabilities who have the right to carry out an internship on an equal basis with any other student.


The internship can be carried out at the request of the interested party:
- in Greece, through the University’s Internship Office,
- or abroad through the Erasmus+ Office.
Special care is taken to facilitate students with disabilities in order to carry out internships on an equal footing with any other student.

The internship is optional and receives three (3) ECTS credits.

For matters not covered by this article, the decision is carried out by the Department’s Board.

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