Career Prospects

Our programme provides students with a solid foundation in accounting and finance, preparing them for a variety of rewarding careers in the competitive and ever-evolving field of accounting and finance.

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Why Choose a Career in Accounting and Finance?
A degree in Accounting and Finance opens doors to a plethora of exciting and rewarding career paths. As the backbone of every successful organization, accounting and finance professionals play a critical role in managing financial resources, making informed business decisions, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Whether you aspire to work for a multinational corporation, a financial institution, a non-profit organization, a governmental organization or even start your own entrepreneurial venture, the skills acquired during your studies will provide a strong foundation for success.

Career Opportunities
The program's curriculum is designed to blend theory with practice, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to meet the modern demands of businesses and other organizations. Upon completing the BSc in Accounting and Finance at the University of Macedonia, you will be prepared to pursue a variety of career opportunities, which, among a long list of professions include the following:


Accounting Opportunities
1. Accountant: Analyses accounting data, produce reports, keep accounting records (bookkeeping), cost analysis, budgeting assist management to meet regulatory requirements, are some of the many tasks an accountant may do.
2. Auditor: Plays a vital role in ensuring the accuracy and compliance of financial records by examining accounting practices, financial statements, and internal controls.
3. Tax Consultant: Offers expert advice to individuals and businesses, optimizing tax strategies and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving tax regulations.
4. Financial Controller: Oversees processes and transactions related to accounting and finance within a company or organization. Identifies irregularities and deficiencies and prepare reports for management.
5. Forensic Accountant: Combines accounting and auditing knowledge, along with investigative skills to find evidence of financial crime across the full range of companies or government agencies.


Finance Opportunities
1. Financial Analyst: Analyses company data and disclosures, evaluates investments, conducts market research and helps management in making informed decisions.
2. Investment Banker: Helps firms raise capital, analyses and facilitates mergers and acquisitions or other major transactions, prepares analyses and documentation for firms’ Initial Public Offering (IPOs), and provides strategic advisory services to corporations and institutions.
3. Financial Planner / Retail Banker: Assist individuals in achieving their financial goals by creating personalized plans for savings, investments, retirement, and estate planning.
4. Trader: Places orders to buy or sell stocks, commodities or other financial and non-financial assets. Conducts in-depth analyses using quantitative skills and may even
5. Insurance Actuary: Perform risk analysis and price insurance products taking into account risk and uncertainty. Use quantitative techniques to measure probabilities and prepare tailored analyses for non-standard contracts.

Common Career Opportunities
1. Government and Public Sector Roles: Contribute to the efficient management of public funds, auditing agencies, taxation, or financial planning within government departments.
2. Entrepreneur: Use your accounting and financial expertise to come up with innovative ideas to launch and manage your own business.
3. Academia and Research: Pursue advanced studies and embark on a research-focused career to advance the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the field.

Support for Your Journey
At the University of Macedonia, we are committed to not only providing a high-quality education but also fostering a supportive environment for your career growth. Our faculty members are experienced professionals and academics, ensuring that you receive the necessary skills but also useful advice about your future prospects. The University also offers career counselling, workshops, and networking events to connect students with professionals and potential employers through its Careers Office. Also the strong ties that the Department of Accounting and Finance has with the business community provide opportunities for internships, projects, and collaborations, allowing you to gain real-world experience before you even graduate.

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