Eligibility Criteria
The BSc in Accounting and Finance is addressed exclusively to foreign citizens of EU or non-EU countries and who have successfully completed high school education in any country other than Greece. Candidates who meet these criteria will need to provide a high school diploma or equivalent secondary education qualification entitling you to admission to higher education in the country in which you have graduated. Moreover, they will need to provide a full transcript with modules and marks for the last two years.

Academic Requirements
The standards of admission are determined by the programme committee and they may vary according to the applications received. The programme committee will take into consideration the grades of the candidate throughout the equivalent of high school, the level of English language, as well as, the performance of the candidate during an interview with the selection panel. According to the regulations, the minimum requirement to accept a student to the programme is to have an overall performance that would allow admittance to Higher Education in their home country

Language Requirements
All teaching activities and communication will be exclusively in English and you are therefore expected to have a satisfactory command of the language. The minimum language requirements are set at the B2 level and you will need to submit relevant proof of knowledge with your application. For a detailed list of accepted certificates of English language at level B2 from the Greek Government, please consult see the following file.
Language Requirements (pdf)

If the candidates fail to produce any eligible certificate or any other proof of knowledge of the English language, they will be required to take a written examination in English.

Proof of knowledge of the English language is automatically granted to nationals of countries where the main spoken language is English and who have received secondary education in English. Proof of knowledge of English is also considered any higher education title (certificate, diploma, BSc, MSc, PhD, etc) of any programme delivered in English and which has a duration of at least one full semester.

Visa Requirements
No Visa is required for students coming from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Students coming from other countries will need to issue a valid Student Visa. Please also note that this may additionally require students to get adequate insurance coverage for medical expenses and other emergencies. For more information on these issues you may visit the “Study in Greece” portal, which is an official service of the ministry of education.


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