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What to do when you arrive in Thessaloniki

If you are an Erasmus student, you should enrol at the University of Macedonia. To do this, you need to contact the departmental administrative personnel to give you instructions. You should have with you your passport or any other identification and your European Health Insurance Card. Make sure to apply for a student card (it takes around two weeks to be issued after your enrolement and the departmental administrative personnel will provide instructions for the application). 

You can use your student card to issue a public transport (bus) card. A monthly travel card costs €15.

Once you are enrolled we suggest you contact your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator at the University of Macedonia in order to discuss your Learning Agreement. In case of changes make sure you follow the instructions given by your home Institution and afterwards you need to register your courses in "students web" platform (instructions can be provided by the departmental administrative personnel).

Bare in mind that University of Macedonia has a 10 month academic year period. Each academic year is divided into two semesters (four month period) and three examination sessions with holidays in between. Each semester normally consists of 13 full weeks of instruction and three or four of examination, but every year the dates differ. That is why you have to check the academic calendar

Departmental Academic Erasmus Coordinators for Erasmus Programme


Department of Economics

Nikolaou Aggeliki, Professor

ΓΔ3, 3rd floor, office 312

+30 2310 891 776


Department of Balkan Slavic and Oriental Studies

Sideri Eleni, Assistant Professor

ΚΖ, 2nd floor, office 221

+30 2310 891 439



Vlasidis Vlasios, Associate Professor

ΚΖ, 2nd floor, office 212

+30 2310 891 318


Department of Applied Informatics

Georgiadis Christos, Professor

Γ3, 3rd floor, office 332

+30 2310 891 869



Stiakakis Emmanuil, Associate Professor

Γ3, 3rd floor, office 328

+30 2310 891 843 stiakakis@uom.gr


Tambouris Efthimios, Professor

Γ4, 4th floor, office 421

+30 2310 891 889


Department of Business Administration

Vasiliadis Christos, Professor

ΗΘ3, 4th floor, office 412

+30 2310 891 581


Department of Accounting and Finance

Tahinakis Panagiotis, Associate Professor

ΗΘ, 2nd floor, office 326

+30 2310 891 564



Protogeros Nikolaos, Associate Professor

ΗΘ, 2nd floor, office 226

+30 2310 891 681


Department of International and European Studies

Boutsiouki Sofia, Associate Professor

ΚΖ, 3rd floor, office 325

+30 2310 891 486


Department of Educational & Social Policy

Proios Hariklia, Assistant Professor

ΚΖ, 4th floor, office 427

+30 2310 891 630


Department of Music Science & Art

Papandreou Elena, Associate Professor

ΚΖ, 4th floor, office 405

+30 2310 891 401


Grading System

The grading system is numerical, from zero to ten.  The passing grades are from five to ten.  Students who fail in an exam in February and in June can be re-examined in September. The following table shows the grading system for the evaluation of foreign students studying at University of Macedonia on ERASMUS+ programme:

E.C.T.S. Grading Scale

Grades in UOM



10.0 – 8.5



8.49 – 6.5

Very Good


6.49 – 5.0



4.99 – 0



All incoming Erasmus students will receive an academic transcript at the end of their study period.

Please allow 4 weeks following the end of the examinations period for a transcript of records to be received.

The Transcripts are prepared by Departmental Administrative Erasmus Coordinator and send to the Faculty of the home University.