General Information

Quick facts about the Department for candidate students:

Students of the Department acquire knowledge on:
check-icon principles, concepts and rules of Accounting Science and practice in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards and Greek Accounting Standards
check-icon the processes for investment evaluation, financing sources and funding methods for entities, risk management for optimal economic decision-making
check-icon techniques, methods and procedures applied for internal control and external audit of entities in accordance with International Standards on Auditing
check-icon methods used for evaluating investments as well as product structure in money and financial markets
check-icon fiscal procedures on a practical and technical level
check-icon research methodology and analysis in the disciplines of Accounting and Financial Science

Graduates of the Department can work:
check-icon As statutory auditors- accountants or internal auditors
check-icon As professional accountants, tax consultants, investment advisors- portfolio managers, business consultants or public administration and private/ banking executives,
check-icon In educational and research centers promoting research and teaching in the disciplines of Accounting, Auditing, Financial and Banking.